Before adding a Collection, make sure you have connected your Notion account and your CMS account. For more information, review our Connections documentation. Also, ensure that Cloudpress has permissions to the Notion database you want to export from.

Navigate to the Collections page in Cloudpress by selecting the Collections item from the navigation sidebar. Then click on the Create Collection button.

The Collections page with no existing collections

You will be navigated to the new collection page, where you can specify the details for this collection.

Create a new Collection

  1. Give a memorable name for this collection so you can easily identify its purpose later.
  2. Select the Notion connection that will serve as the content source for this collection.
  3. Select the database from the Notion connection containing the pages you want to export.
  4. Select the CMS connection to which you want to export the connection
  5. Click the Create collection button to create a new collection with the supplied details.

After creating the connection, you will be navigated to the Collection detail page. From here, you can perform actions such as mapping fields between the Notion database and CMS, specifying a filter, and exporting the collection.