Whenever you export content, Cloudpress creates a background job to handle the export. You can view all jobs by selecting the Job History item from the navigation sidebar of the Cloudpress application.

The Job History item on the navigation sidebar

You will see all the jobs listed, with the most recent ones first.

The history page displays a list of previous exports

The history screen displays the document’s title, how long ago the job was submitted, and an icon representing the status of the job.

Job status

The job status icon can be one of the following:

The document has been queued for export. The export should start in the next few seconds.
Cloudpress is busy exporting your content.
The export was completed successfully.
An error occurred during the export. You can view the export logs on the job detail page to get a better understanding of why the export failed.

Click any item to view the job detail page that will display more information about the job, such as the documents exported, the export log, etc.


Sometimes an error may occur during a job, but the error may not be critical, allowing Cloudpress to complete the export. In such cases, Cloudpress will indicate that the job has been completed with warnings. To view the warnings, you can click on the job to navigate to the Job Detail page, and review the warnings in the log.

Completed job with warnings