Cloudpress uses an export credit system for exporting content. You use one credit when you export a document to a CMS connection for the first time. Subsequent exports of the same document to the same CMS connection do not use any credits. In other words, you can export a specific document to the same connection multiple times and only use a single credit.

Trial exports

When you initially register for a Cloudpress account, you receive five trial exports to try Cloudpress out and determine whether it will work for your needs. Once you have used your trial exports, you must buy a subscription or export bundle to export more documents.


A subscription is ideal when you publish content consistently and have a predictable monthly usage. Each subscription plan includes a specified number of exports available within a calendar month. These exports expire at the end of each calendar month and do not roll over to the following month. At the beginning of each month, you will once again receive the number of exports indicated by your subscription to be used during that month.

Export bundles

Export bundles are helpful when you are still trying to decide whether to make a monthly commitment or if you publish on a very irregular basis. When you buy an export bundle, you will receive the number of exports indicated by the bundle. These exports never expire, and you can use them at your leisure.

Buying an export bundle can also “top up” subscriptions with a limited number of monthly exports, such as our Solo subscription. For example, suppose you have one extraordinary month with high usage and use up all your monthly exports. You can buy a bundle to continue exporting content without changing to a higher subscription level.

Please note, however, that credit bundles have some limitations compared to our subscription plans, such as:

  • You can only connect a single CMS account
  • You cannot access any of our automation features, such as Collections, the Cloudpress API, or our integration.

Review your usage

To review your billing and usage, visit your Account Settings’ Billing and Usage page. Your current usage will be indicated at the top of the page. You will see the number of used exports vs the total available exports, for example:

One trial credit used

The usage above shows that the user has used 1 of their 5 available trial exports and therefore have 4 more exports available.

Once you buy a subscription or bundle, your trial exports will be revoked, and you will see the number of available subscription exports or bundle exports instead.

The available subscription and bundle credits

Buy a subscription

While using your trial exports, you will see the option to buy a subscription displayed below your trial exports usage. Using the selector above the pricing plans, you can switch between monthly and annual billing. Click the Buy Subscription button for the subscription plan you want to select.

Available subscription plans

A popup from our payment provider (Paddle) will be displayed, guiding you through buying the subscription. Once the transaction is complete, the number of exports available will be reflected in your account.

Buy an export bundle

To buy a bundle rather than a subscription, click the button below the subscription plan table.

Switch to credit bundles

Select the export bundle, then click the Buy Bundle button.

Buy a bundle

A popup from our payment provider (Paddle) will be displayed, guiding you through buying the export bundle. Once the transaction is complete, the number of exports available will be reflected in your account.

Once you have used up all your exports, you can buy another bundle by clicking the Buy More button.

Buy more credits

Alternatively, you can choose to buy a subscription by clicking the Subscribe button:

You can switch to a subscription

Change your subscription

If your usage patterns change, you can, at any time, change to a plan with more or less monthly exports. You can also change to switch between monthly and annual subscriptions. You will see your current subscription details listed below your usage.

The change plan button

Click on the Change Plan button to change to a new plan. The list of available plans will be displayed, allowing you to change to a new plan. Click the Change to this plan button to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Change to another plan

Cloudpress will prompt you for confirmation. Click the Yes button to proceed with changing to the new plan.

Confirm the change of the plan

Cancel your subscription

You can cancel your subscription anytime by clicking the Cancel Subscription button.

Cancel your subscription

After confirmation, your subscription will be cancelled, and you will not be billed again. You can continue using Cloudpress until your current billing period ends.

Update your credit card details

If your credit card details change, you can add the new credit card details by clicking the Update Payment Method button.

Update your payment method

This will open a popup window from our payment provider (Paddle), allowing you to enter your new credit card details.

Change your credit card details

View billing history

Your complete billing history for subscriptions and export bundle purchases can be found below the usage and subscription information.

View your billing history

You can view the receipt by clicking on the View receipt link. You can add your address and VAT details by clicking the link on the receipt.

Add your address and VAT details