Let’s imagine that you use Cloudpress to export documents from Google Docs to WordPress. When exporting the document, you would also like Cloudpress set the values for additional fields, such as the author and category of the blog post, as well as a featured image. Cloudpress allows for this scenario, but the exact implementation depends on how you export your content.

Using Google Docs

When exporting content from Google Docs, you can add a property table to the beginning of the document, containing the values of additional fields. Please refer to the Google Docs Add-on documentation for more information on how to use this feature.

Adding a property table in Google Docs

Using the Notion export page

Cloudpress does not support exporting additional fields when exporting individual Notion pages. You can, however, create a Collection and use the field mapping feature to export additional fields when exporting the connection.

Using the integration

This scenario is not currently supported in the Cloudpress integration.

Using the API

You can also specify additional field values when using the Cloudpress API. Unfortunately, documentation for this is lacking at the moment. We are working hard to supply proper documentation for this. If you need assistance with this in the meantime, please reach out to Cloudpress support.