What is Cloudpress?

Cloudpress allows you to export documents from Google Docs and Notion to your Content Management System (CMS). Cloudpress does this by exporting the content from your source documents in the appropriate format for your CMS.

As far as possible, Cloudpress will preserve the existing formatting of your document. It will also export any images you embed in your document, upload them separately to your CMS and then link to the newly uploaded images in your document.

Overview of how Cloudpress works

How does Cloudpress help you?

Cloudpress helps you by accelerating your content publishing workflow. If you use Google Docs and Notion to write your content, you know that getting that content into your CMS can be a time consuming process. You can copy and paste the content but, depending on the CMS and content format you are using, the results can be underwhelming.

You will likely lose some of your formatting, have to re-upload your images, update additional fields such as the category and author, and much more.

Cloudpress will take care of all these with the simple click of a button. Cloudpress will:

  • Format the content correctly for your CMS
  • Upload your images and relink them correctly in the content
  • Optionally perform image comression and convert your images to WebP format
  • Create the correct embeds for social media links like X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and hunderds more sites
  • Update additional fields like the author, category, or whatever custom fields you create in your CMS
  • Export content that are “native” to your CMS and not supported by Notion and Google Docs, such as custom Gutenberg blocks for WordPress.

For subscribers on your Pro and Agency plans, you can also use our automation features, such as:

  • Collections, which allow you to export an entire Notion database to your CMS
  • The Cloudress API, which allows you to automate export of content
  • Our Zapier and Make.com integrations, which allows you to create advanced workflows that integrate Cloudpress with other products