This document walks you through connecting your Contentful account to Cloudpress, allowing you to export content to Contentful.

Create a content type

Before you connect your Contentful account, you must create a Content Type for the content you wish to export if you have not already done so.

The Content Type must contain at least the following fields:

  • One short text field configured as the Entry title. When exporting content, Cloudpress sets the value of this field to the title of the document.
  • One rich text or long text. Cloudpress will export the document content to either a rich text or a long text field. For rich text fields, the content will be converted to the correct rich text format. For long text fields, the content will be converted to markdown.

You can see an example documentation content type defined in Contentful in the screenshot below. In this case, the field named Title will be used as the title of the document, and the Content field will be used for the document’s content.

Creating your Contentful content type

For more information, refer to the Contentful data model documentation.

Connect your Contentful account

You can connect your Contentful account by going to the Connections page in the Cloudpress application. Click on the Add Connection button, then click on Contentful.

Select Contentful from the list of available integrations

Next, Cloudpress will prompt you for a personal access token. You can generate a personal access token in the Contentful Dashboard by going to Settings > CMA Tokens.

Enter your Contentful personal access token

You can read more about Contentful Personal Access Tokens in the Contentful documentation.

Next, you need to select the Contentful Space you want to export your content to. You will see a list of all the spaces that are available to the user who the Contentful Personal Access Token belongs to.

Select the Contentful Space

After selecting the space, you can proceed to select the content type you want to export the content to. You will also need to select the locale of the content.

Select the content type

A Contentful connection can only export to a single content type and locale combination. If you want to export to additional locales, you must add a separate connection for each locale.

The next step is to select the field that the content must be exported to. This must be either a rich text or a long text field.

Select the content field

The final step is to confirm the settings for your new connection and give the connection a name. If you are happy with all the details you can click the Create Connection button to create the connection.

Confirm your new Contentful connection settings