When using the Google Docs Add-on, you may run into issues. This document hopes to address the most common issues.

Authorization is required to perform that action

One of the most common issues you may encounter is the error message ”Authorization is required to perform that action“.

This error is related to the way Google handles users being signed in with multiple Google accounts. There is an issue logged in the Google Issue Tracker, but unfortunately, this is not an error we can fix. It is up to Google to fix this error.

At this time, we can offer the following three options as workarounds:

  1. Configure multiple user profiles in Chrome and sign into a single Google account per user profile (see the Chrome docs for more information).
  2. Sign out of your other Google accounts and only sign in to the account you want to use Cloudpress with
  3. Use your web browser’s Incognito (or private) mode (see the Chrome docs for more information).

We think the first option will likely be the least disruptive to your workflow.