This document will walk you through connecting your Webflow account to Cloudpress, allowing Cloudpress to export content to Webflow.

Create a CMS Collection

Cloudpress will export content to a CMS collection which you will specify later in this document. If you don’t have a collection defined yet, you will need to create one. If you are unfamiliar with this process, refer to the Webflow documentation on CMS Collections.

There is one important requirement, and that is that your CMS collection has at least one rich text field defined. Cloudpress will export the content of the document to this rich text field. In the screenshot below, you will notice that we have a rich text field name Content which will contain the content of the exported document.

CMS Collection definition with rich text field

Cloudpress will also export the document’s title to Webflow, using the predefined Name field in the Webflow CMS collection.

Connect your Webflow account

Go to the Connections page in Cloudpress, click the Add Connection button and then select Webflow from the list.

Select Webflow from the account type list

You must give Cloudpress access to your Webflow account for Cloudpress to export content to that account.

Connect your Webflow account

Click the Authorize Cloudpress button. This will open a popup window that will send you to the Webflow website. If you are not logged in to Webflow, you will need to log in.

Webflow will then prompt you to authorize Cloudpress to access your sites. Select the site(s) you want to give Cloudpress access to, then click the Authorize App button.

Authorize Cloudpress to access your Webflow account Next, you must select the site you want to export to.

Select the site you want to export to

The next step is to select the CMS Collection you want to use for the content:

Select the CMS collection to export to

Next, select the field Cloudpress must use for the content of the exported document.

Select the field to use for the content

The final step is to review all your settings and give the connection a name. If you’re happy with all the information, click the Create connection button.

Confirm your connection settings